Are URL Shorteners Good for Your Business?

Lately, I read a lot about URL shorter information, include the Exhaustive List of URL Shorteners, 10 Best URL Shorteners and whythey are good, URL Shorteners in Social Media: Pros and Cons. After reading the last one published by Kristina Weis, I decide to share some of my opinions.

My first used URL shortening service was 2011, at that time, I even had never heard of URL shorter. When I searched for a list of bookmark site, it recommended the bit.ly to me. Then, I opened my new account and found bit.ly had many functions. URL shorten and hidden, as well as sharing to other social networks. The click tracking function was developed later.

Nowadays, these URL shortening service are used by millions of people on internet marketing and social networking like twitter and Facebook. In fact, twitter has its own URL shortener, it can convert our URL to a short one. For hidden URL purpose, we don’t need to get extra characters by using other shortened URL service. However, twitter allows only 140 characters available to deliver the message a normal link can take up most of the space. Therefore, a list of URL Shorteners is available online. Additional, if you’re loyal fans of Google, you may find that Google has developed its own URL Shortener.

These shrinking URLs some of the services provide features that can be more useful than you may think. Most of them boast their tracking clicks like we do email marketing.

So, do you think it is a great way to spread your business by using these useful tools?

Kristina has described the advantages and disadvantages in his article. Most of users and that include me have never think about its cons. URL shorter, hidden, custom, share and click tracking, all these look nice.

“Less trust of your shortened link lead to decrease CTR, extra step that is a waste of time, URL shortening services may go down temporarily, lost the SEO value for your site.” said Kristina.

The true is that, we always want to know the real link not a short link as there are so many phishing and virus websites. They may hurt us a lot. We like the full URLs or at least part of the full URL so that we can know where it’s going to take us.

However, I don’t mean that these URL Shorteners are a waste of time. We can get benefits from them but we also need to use them properly. So what do you think about URL shorteners? Do you have a favorite one? Share in the comments.


How to Maintain a Brushless Motor?

Brushless motors have several advantages over brushed DC motors, and they are widely used for radio control models. One reason is that they require very little maintenance. However, they are not mean "no" maintenance. Like every part of your vehicle the motor should be cleaned when dusty, dirty, muddy or even wet. For the purpose of optimum performance, we need to inspect and clean motor after using for a long time. Usually, a heavy user might do this once a month, where a light user can get away with once a year.

Here we will talk about how to maintain and rebuild your brushless motor.

To maintain a brushless motor is a "disassemble – clean – rebuild" process.  First, we will talk about how to disassemble.

It seems a little intimidating, but frets not, it's a simple process. Start by removing the motor from the model, and brushless motors have very few parts, so it’s easy to take them apart for cleaning. It seems that the operation is removing the screws. On the rotor, there is a spacer and a couple small shims – do not lose these. Don’t forget to note the order in which the spacers or washers are installed.

Then, it is the clean job. Use a small brush and light air pressure to clean inside the motor. And clear the rotor (the rotating part of the motor), can parts and stator. Too much motor/brake cleaner can harm the insulation of the wired resulting in short circuits and failures. Dirty bearings are best cleaned with a cotton bud, damaged or too dirty bearings need to be replaced with new ones.

After clean and inspect the motor’s major components and lubed the bearings, it is ready for the last step: rebuild. Use zip-ties to secure the power leads and the sensor wires and to keep them away from spinning parts. Make sure you use the correct screws and the correct motor timing on motors, and then your brushless system is ready for action.

If you have any problem, feel free to contact me.


What’re the Advantages and Disadvantages of Brushless Motor?

A brushless motor is widely used in many industrial applications, such as hybrid vehicle, electric computers as well as radio control car. But have you ever think about its advantages and disadvantages? Most of the time, we may not concert about this question as we think this is not important for me. It does what it says.

In fact, this is a very important to us. Whether you want to upgrade your RC model or enjoy blood boiling feeling. Just like why we replacement brushed motor with brushless one. So, let’s have a deep look at of these brushless motors.

What are the advantages?

When you ask the question, many people may tell you brushless motors have superior control, precision, and efficiency, as well as much quieter. Yes, that’s right.

High efficient
Brushless motors are more efficient at converting electricity into mechanical power than brushed motors. As it powered by a DC electric source via an integrated inverter/switching power supply, which produces an AC electric signal to drive the motor, additional sensors and electronics control the inverter output amplitude and waveform and frequency.

But in a brushed motor, an electromagnet is mounted on a spinning arm, called an armature or rotor. The armature sits between two magnets set in a horseshoe configuration, collectively called the stator. When power is fed to the electromagnet, the arm moves, aligning the north and south poles of the electromagnet with the opposing poles of the stator.

You can reduce noise once you upgrade your radio control model with brushless motors. They genera low noise so you don’t be worries about it you disturb your neighbor.

Long time for using
Due to the absence of brushes, brushless motors alleviating loss due to friction. And in larger models where overheating may be an issue, they are easier to cool. The enhanced efficiency is greatest in the no-load and low-load region of the motor's performance curve.

What are the disadvantages?
For most people who have brushless motor will say brushless motor is expensive. That’s true. But have you think about what cause the problem.

Brushed motors are cheap to produce, but the brushes wear out from rubbing against the contact point and axle. Friction from this contact also impedes performance. For brushless motor, as it appeared later than brushed, regardless of technology or materials, there are big challenges. Also, electric controller is required to keep the motor running. It offers double the price of the motor. The high costs cause the final expensive price. Technology is always in advance, we should believe that higher quality motors will be notified by us.


Types of Radio Controlled Hobby

Remote control Hobbies are one of the fastest growing hobbies that give great fun. Nowadays, there are a variety of RC models are available in the market, include RC model airplanes, boats, helicopters, trains, cars, tanks, rockets and more.

When we were child, we always imaged fly to the sky and had a race with friends. Now, with these RC model toys, one can able to participate in simulated warfare and can win from his/her competitor.

Radio controlled toys are based on radio control technology. It is the use of radio signals to remotely control a device. By using a receiver, this transmitter communicates with the toy.

As a growing hobby across the globe, we may always face the problem: what type of Radio Controlled toy I wish to add to my RC hobby collection? It is up to the individual to decide which type of toy whether it is a boat, helicopter, airplane, car, or truck suits him/her.

Airplanes come in various sizes and shapes ranging from small flyers to gas turbine driven aerobatic models. The models can be tethered to a fixed pole via rope, or can be free flying models.

Helicopters were used mainly indoors due to the small size and lack of smoke and smell of fumes. Nowadays, larger electric helicopters suitable for outdoor flight have become very popular. They are low noise and much more interesting to fly.
RC tank is one of the well-known table top tanks as it is simple and affordable. The best radio controlled tanks can able to move forward and backward along with a complete 360-degree turn.

RC boat was the first toy to be remote controlled. Recent years, many different types and sizes of remote control boats are available to the public worldwide.
RC cars come in various sizes and shapes and can also be fuel driven or electrically powered. A gas powered radio control car is normally a car that runs on a two-stroke motor. RC car races are common for the radio controlled model hobbyists even a child.

The fun of having these kinds of RC model comes with responsibility as well. So take care and enjoy the thrills, which all of these Radio Controlled Toys have to offer!


mBuyNow.com – Made for You, Buy for You, New for You

Almost everyone these days has a shopping experience online. Either disappointed or happy. If you would like to find some great item for your RC model, or any other electronics then think about shopping online at the mBuyNow stores.

What is mBuyNow?

mBuyNow.com is an online store provides radio control accessories and other consumer electronics like smart phone, LED light, laser pointer and radio to worldwide. Everyone can buy the same product in the same price. mBuyNow respect their customers, everyone can share, comment on, and rate their service and products as well as share content through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. mBuyNow hold the spirit of “Made for You, Buy for You, New for You” to meet their customers.

The website is mbuynow.com and you will be able to find any gadget that you want to have. Currently, there are over three hundreds products available for purchase. In the future, wide range brands and products will be added. mBuyNow is stick to your RC hobby store but they also launch some happy deals with low cost to gift consumers.

Once you place an order, they will dispatch within 24-48 hours. Generally, you order will be shipped from UK or DE. But if your destination is closer HK, China, then your order will be shipped from our HK warehouse. Also, there are many shipping methods are provided by mBuyNow, all they do is just want to short your waiting time.

This site is great because you can find these great deals sorted by radio control hobbies, Flashlight & LED light, laser pointer, radio receiver, cell phone, games & toys or by typing in something into the search bar.

In the past few months, mBuyNow team work hardly to make it really easy to find the one that you might like at the mBuyNow.Com webpage. It is so easy to use and they have a very secure payment site. When you search for your favorite it really only takes a minute before you can start enjoying your purchase.

If you have any problems with it make sure that you go on the contact section on this site and get in touch with them. One of their customer service reps will be able to help you with your issue. Feel free to sent your email to sales@mbuynow.com or leave your message on their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/mbuynow.


mBuyNow Ships International

mBuyNow is able to ship worldwide. But they can't ship to countries currently restricted to the UN economic sanctions. Hard-to-reach destinations will cause the higher shipping cost and the longer transit time. Please contact the customer service to know the countries eligible for International deliveries.

mBuyNow offers regular royal mail, air mail post and registered airmail post shipping methods for free to UK. For larger or urgent orders, customers are welcome to choose UPS and DHL for faster delivery of products for a nominal upgrade fee to cover cost. The upgrade option and fee information are available in the shipping methods module on the checkout page.

mBuyNow has three warehouse: UK, DE and HK warehouses. But unfortunately, we can’t provide free shipping to Germany as the high shipping cost. On the checkout page, you can choose the UPS or DHL for fast delivery.

For countries closer to Hong Kong, we will automatically ship from HK warehouse. As Hong Kong is a free port, there is no sales tax or duties imposed by the Hong Kong government. Customers do not have to pay any sales tax or export duties when they purchase from mBuyNow. And HK Registered Air Parcel will be used instead. In such situation, the shipping cost you pay will be less. If you want to use other shipping method, feel free to contact our customer service. We will try to meet your needs.

Visti http://www.mbuynow.com for detail.


Why Flashlight is So Important?

If you are always explore at night or take part in outdoor activities all year round, then a bright light is a must-have gadget! Not only help you see the road, the surrounding environment, but also create a safe space around you others. The best way to stay safe while riding is to keep you visible, so a light is essential equipment for every people.

There are so many flashlights in the market, how to choose the best one has become a difficult task. I'm sure you're all dying to know which light is the best to me. As we all know, each light has its pros and cons. But how do stack up against each other?

Brightness is one of the most important factors. The brighter the light is, the more likely you be seen. The lighting industry has changed a lot recently. LED light source is the much focused. They sent out narrow beam which make it important to position the light carefully. Something you may want to compare between one light and another is the operating temperature. Some lights become quite hot after use a long time, this is bad to users. Thus, controlling the heat-dissipation problem has been one of the challenges for LED light manufacturers.

Battery life
Various of flashlights also have various power resources. There has been a revolution going on in the battery industry and they are more efficient. Currently, the batteries we use are not only more powerful but they are also lighter and tougher than they have ever been before, especially when compared to older lead acid and NiMH batteries. Surprisingly, a few lights can last a week before dying out.

Some lights are powered by AAA batteries and you can get them easily when they are power off. For high lumens and super bright lights, they are use Li-ion battery. In general, Li-ion battery can be charge and discharge up to 500 times. It is very economic. To decide which type of battery is based on what your need.
All in one system is becoming popular today as it does away with the need for leads running from the battery unit to the light unit. However, being aware of the limitations of two unit systems is important.

What other factors should we consider?

As flashlights are getting more and more sophisticated the switch does more than just turn on and off your lights. When you are walking in the dark, an easy operating light will be a great choice.

If you're looking for the brightest light, there is a 8000LM 75W/55W/35W HID Xenon Torch Flashlight is definitely your best choice. This HID Xenon flashlight with a max output of 8000 lumens and a long distance illumination. There are three brightness levels and a SOS flashing mode, 75W, 55W, 35W for you selecting in different case.

For more information, feel free to browsing mbuynow.com.