Choose the Perfect RC Gas Engine to Suit Your Model

Just like your car and clothes, your hobbies also say a lot about your taste, attitude and economic. Subconscious or otherwise, playing RC model is also a good hobby for you. While the RC model helicopter and aircraft is a decision and becomes a symbol- Perhaps that is not what you want to show.


So we are going to run through some different types of model RC engine kits and gasoline model engines what you may be interested in.


GW26i Gasoline Engine for RC Boat/Marine 26cc Two Stroke Engine CRRCPro: £99.50

This GW26i engine is special designed for RC boat or marine and will suit most boats designed for a 26cc engine. It is compact, light-weight and comes with 4.8 to 6v auto advanced CDI Ignition. Made of high quality material and designed to have a good structure, this GW26i engine will last for many years.


Diesel Boat Engine 21R 4 Stroke Multi-cylinder Low Fuel

This item built-in air cooling system and is development and manufacture all by our researchers and engineers. It can be use as vertical engine, boat engine, diesel engine, and two-cylinder, V-twin, air cooled, four-stroke engine. With its easy starting, light weight, low noise, low fuel consumption, low emission characteristics and reliable low-maintenance running the 21R is an excellent engine. It gives out ideal power for stationary and mobile machinery.


Compare to the two engines, the 21R diesel boat engine seems has attracted more users as it is more economic and lower price. Another reason is that, 2-stroke is better in speed and acceleration, but you have more control on a 4-stroke. Therefore, for new beginner, it is recommended to get this 21R diesel engine. While for skilled RCers, you may be crazy on GW26i as it generate violent power.


Except the two boat engines, there are a lot of popular RC airplanes or aircraft engines are stocked on our online store, such as DLE30, DLE55, and DLE 35RA. All of them are covered by one year limited warranty.


Come and choose the one you like most at http://www.mbuynow.com/c/radio-control-hobbies-rc-engines-109_134


Different Types of Model Airplane Competition

As there are all kinds of contests for the RC hobbyist to join in, but as an RCer before taking part in a contest, you'd better know exactly what types of competition you are good at, so that you can get a high score in the contest. But how many types are there for the competitions?


There are several types of model airplane competition:


Free flight
Types of models: aircraft, glider, helicopters, aircraft wing
Dynamic forms: ejection, hand rolls, drawn wire, rubber, piston engine, motor, carbon dioxide gas
Venue: an open space indoor or outdoor
Subject: blank time, flight distance and altitude, linear speed


Line manipulation
Dynamic forms: piston engine (electro thermal, compression ignition), pulse jet engine, motor, etc
Control mode: dual or multiple line manipulation
Venue: circular flying sites (60 meters in diameter, asphalt or cement floor), air combat project for the grass field
Subject: racing, stunt team racing, fighting in the sky, electric stunt, shaking stunt, pneumatic special effects
Stunts: including inside and outside flat fly, climb, subduction, landing, somersault, inverted, horizontal or vertical, etc


Wireless remote control
Types of models: plane, gliders and helicopters
Dynamic forms: motor, piston engine, gasoline engine, turbine jet engine, etc
Control mode: the wireless remote control
Venue: the landing strip for 150 m x 20 m asphalt commonly
Subjects: super fly, closed time, closed distance speed flight, blank, around racing, fixed point drop, etc
Stunts: compulsory and voluntary routines


Emulation mode
Technical requirements: make the model smaller than the successful flight of aircraft (including geometry size and appearance of coating)
Dynamic forms: piston engine, turbojet engine, etc
Control mode: line control, wireless remote control
Venue requirements: round flat ground with line manipulation of 60 meters, runway with remote control for 150 m x 20 m asphalt or concrete (turbojet engine for 250 m x 20 m runway)
Subject: Marked by the rate of the model simulation and flight


Types of models: plane, gliders and helicopters
Dynamic forms: motor (power supply < 42 v)
Control mode: the wireless remote control
Venue: 150 m x 20 m asphalt or concrete runway, open ground
Subject: stunts, empty time, closed distance, close speed and standard racing around, etc

Have you got it? Just bring your model RC airplane to join in the competition right now!


mBuyNow.com: to All RC Modelers

Hello, everyone! As a world famous RC model online store, mbuynow is coming into Germany now. With nearly one years' development, mbuynow now has become one of the biggest model RC online stores. Mbuynowhas set the principle of "To provide the highest quality model RC products with reasonable price for players all over the world." And it insisted on the premise of guaranteeing offering the best products by controlling the marketing cost, and saving all the cost which may use in advertising, or others. They want to sell products at a lower price than other stores so that to serve more RC modelers.

Mbuynow has several kinds of products like model RC engines, laser pointers, smart bicycle lights and other accessories. Since we have so many products, modelers can make their own choice here to buy the items they like, and mbuynow insurance to deliver the items as soon as possible. Mbuynow is adding new products into the store, and they are expanding the products line to meet the demands of our customers. Online live chat and telephone is working online 24 hours to offer professional guides and answers for your inquires. The compatible shipping system will deal with your order at the first time once the payment was finished. What's more, shipping and returning policy grantees to make all of you enjoy a comfortable shopping experience at mbuynow. 
If you are tired of searching a lovely model RC engine, and still do not know how to begin to build your airplane, or cannot find the whole components of an airplane. Then just go here to enter into our store. Mbuynow is dedicated to provide localized and humanized service to all Germans RC modelers.

Although mbuynow is facing a challenge in the market, huge products database and others are need to be added, in order to show a perfect store for RCers to enjoy the wonderful products and service, mbuynow.com promises to open the site all the time and will add more items in the later days. Mbuynow is also appreciating your patience for any inconveniences bring in. Thank you for your support; we'll do our best to satisfy more RC modelers in the future!


Using a Smartphone’s Eyes and Ears to Log Your Every Move

New tricks will enable a life-logging app called Saga to figure out not only where you are, but what you're doing. Having mobile devices closely monitoring our behavior could make them more useful, and open up new business opportunities. 
Many of us already record the places we go and things we do by using our smartphone to diligently snap photos and videos, and to update social media accounts. 
A company called ARO is building technology that automatically collects a more comprehensive, automatic record of your life. ARO is behind an app called Saga that automatically records every place that a person goes. 
Now ARO's engineers are testing ways to use the barometer, cameras, and microphones in a device, along with a phone's location sensors, to figure out where someone is and what they are up to. That approach should debut in the Saga app in late summer or early fall.


mBuyNow.com RC Engine Model Helps Paul Propose Success

According to the latest news from London, a British boy called Rebecca Paul who has made a propose success by sending a ring to his girlfriend through the RC engine model.

Last Friday, Rebecca Paul has designed a distinctive courtship ritual; he was sent the ring to his lover by the Radio Control engine model, and with almost 30 friends who handed with roses to cheer him.

When asked about why did he think out of this idea to make a big surprise to his girlfriend? Paul said that he was an RC hobbyist, and he likes to play RC engines like RC airplane and RC car. He wants to make a big surprise to his girlfriend, and ever a word was revealed before that day. 

Paul said that both he and his girlfriend are all like to play the RC engines model; they always play the RC airplane once they get rid of work. 

While last Friday is the fifth anniversary of them since the first met in 2008, and they are planning to marry this year. "She is just who I want to marry with," said Paul. Paul hopes to give his girlfriend an unforgettable memory this proposes, and he asked some of his friends to give some suggestion about that. He has designed hundreds of ways to propose, and finally he decides to use the RC engines model to express the love of his girlfriend.

This romantic event has made a big success at that day, and Paul has achieved the agreement from his lover, what's more, RC engine will always be the best memory for them.


Do you know that there is a search engine for the RC hobby? Update!!!

Find this (Do you know that there is a search engine for the RC hobby?) via @jose tweet. Share with all RC enthusiasts.

Don't you love when people is very responsive and are willing to take action immediately in order to help you? That is what happened to me last week when I published the article about the search engine www.whichhobbystore.com. Preeti Juneja sent me some comments the same day that I published the article and today I will mention them here since I find very important what he has to say. This is the update of a previous article called "Do you know that there is a search engine for the RC hobby?" . To me this is translated in commitment and willingness to help. I think if you decide to go with them it'll be a good move since they seem to be very responsive.


DLE30 Gas Engine 30cc RC Airplane Engines are Limited on Sale at mBuyNow this Week

mBuyNow announces special items for sale at the lowest price plus free shipping and professional guidance this week. It is their way to say thanks to the supports from old customers and new visitors.

DLE30 gas engine is one of the hottest products for RC engine in this promotion. As an airplane fun, I think most of you may be familiar with the airplane engines. This includes five types: Gasoline/Petrol engine, Gas Engine, Diesel engine, Nitro Engine, and Glow Engine. Among the above engines, gas engine seems to be more welcomed by these airplane model fun because of its convenience and strong engine power, long service life, and affordable fuel for players. It has a stronger power compared with the Nitro Engine with the same weight, but small gas engines are not so great to make the airplane a difference, only large gas engine can do good work on the plane. 

While DEL30 meet all the needs of a good gas engine, with the light weight and wonderful power output for its size 3.7 HP @ 8500rpm. This item also comes with a CDI ignition system and can be able to adjust the peak power according to the rpm range. All the designs are humanized for players to have a favorite experience during their airplane.

What's more, DLE30 now are limited on sale at mbuynow.com only for £149.50. All airplane fun can come to the site http://www.mbuynow.com to add this item into their shop cart. Since this promotion is listed only for one week, mbuynow.com will change the price as original after this week. So if you are looking for a gas engine, then you may take this DEL30 gas engine into consideration.